Telehealth Solution

Cloud-based telehealth solution for healthcare networks. A smart solution for video-conferencing, messaging, medical consultations, sharing clinical and administrative data, transmitting data, managing e-prescriptions, test requisitions, and results.


HIPPA, PIPEDA, and PHIPA compliance


Secure and E2E encrypted Video/Audio, and Messaging


Robust, HD and high-quality video and voice call

EMR Integration

Built-in and integrated cloud-based Electronic and Health Medical Record (EMR/EHR) for providing high-performance healthcare services.

Smart Triage and Check-up

Utilize Artificial Intelligence for an accurate and time-efficient checkup

Data and File Sharing

Secure messaging and encrypted file transfer protocols to transmit Electronic Medical Records, test results, and patient data

Integrated Billing System

Built-in billing feature allowing electronic claims submission (OHIP and RAMQ), automatic invoicing, and bill management