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Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

A cloud-based EMR for a small clinic or a large healthcare system that intuitively manages the practices, patients, visits, and cares. It helps practitioners and clinical staff take care of documentation faster and more accurately

Enable Clinic Productivity

Gain time and save resources on practice workflows and access more complete and accurate patient data

Integrated and customized Telehealth

A seamless and straightforward process for managing and scheduling telehealth visits

Patient Management

Conveniently create, manage, and access patient data, test results, and electronic records; documentation and digital interactions with patients, medical and health facilities

Provider-to-Provider Communications

Secure encrypted information sharing between physicians

Patient Portal

Secure connection with the patient portal for direct data transferring and documents, scheduling, referring, and refill management


Ability to quickly send prescriptions and authorize refills to patient's preferred pharmacy

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